Compact Grilling Device

It is a multifunctional culinary device that looks like a miniature of a railway steam locomotive. Thanks to its construction arrangements it may provide grilled, baked, smoked and warmed-over meals on various occasions in an open air environment. Especially, it may prepare delicious meat of various kinds, such as chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, fish etc., as well as smoked sausages and salami. The machine is designed to be a part of refreshment at parties, celebrations, sport events and a like.

The device is made of steel so that its weight is relatively high, about 300 kg, having length about 2.5 meters and height about 2.3 meters. Therefore it would be suitable to install it permanently at camping, hotel, stadium and similar facilities. Otherwise it may be carried on a trailer pulled by a car.

In the following we propose to look at several photographs that show this culinary device as placed on a trailer undercarriage, except of the Picture 1, of course. The photographs also show functional details:

Left: Picture 1 presents the grilling locomotive as it serves at a summer meeting.
Right: Picture 2 shows the left hand side of the grilling locomotive in general.

Left: Picture 3 shows the arrangement of individual culinary workplaces in the main, central section of the grilling device. A side stove space, baked ceramic stone and gridiron can be seen. In the stove space typical pieces of char coal are burned.
Right: Picture 4 shows the same section of the Picture 4 with ceramic stone and gridiron removed. Instead an electric grill is installed, which is heated by the same stove space as it is seen in the Picture 4.

Left:¨Picture 5 shows the rear part of the device with 12 V (DC) cables that serve for supplying electric power to the electric grill of the Picture 5. Moreover the locomotive has two stabilizing pistons at the bottom to ensure stable position of the device.
Center: Picture 6 shows the front part with a loading stove door which are slightly opened to demonstrate their purpose. On the upper part there is a steel hotplate having thickness 20 mm. Moreover a small grid can be seen, which serves for putting hot drinks away.
Right: Picture 7 shows the upper rear part of the grilling locomotive, which can serve as a smokehouse. On the top there is a chimney for taking smoke to the air.

Picture 8 shows the right hand side of the grilling locomotive in general. Also the designer and constructer of the grilling device is present here.

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