OSVČ – activities

The latest record of the Business Trade License Department of the Local Authority Office Prague 11, No.: ŽO/2008/4589/2, dated 7 October 2008, defines an actual scope of the business license of the physical entity Bedřich Srnec:

Subject of business: Production, trade and services that are not specified in attachments Nos. 1 – 5 of the Czech Business License Act.
Fields of business: Mediating in trade and services.
  Activities of offices providing information and reports.
  Advisory and consultancy activities, elaboration of expert surveys and assessments.
  Translation and interpretation activities.

Based on the fields of business specified above, the services that the physical entity Bedřich Srnec may offer are specified in general below:

As an example of the mediation activity a testing offer of a grill device may be taken, whose appearance is similar to a miniature of a steam locomotive, whose description is included in the section “Mediating activities” of this website.

Activities of offices providing information and reports are directly interconnected with advisory and consultancy activities, elaboration of expert surveys and assessments. Specifically, they relate to advisory and consultancy activities in the field of so called investment risks within the framework of the Czech Law system, rules and regulations. In this field of activities the English language potential is fully used.

The translation activity has been a subject of an attention in the section “OSVČ – introduction”. It may be pointed out again that there is a real possibility to use the practice, skills and experience in the field of technical translations, translations of user manuals, descriptions, technical reports, articles for websites, etc.

As for the interpretation activity, a specific offer is to provide an interpretation accompaniment for representatives of foreign companies or institutions that need the assistance in a direct contact with Czech official institutions or business entities. Also this kind of activity is directly connected with advisory and consultancy activities.

In case of any interest in some of the fields of business license activities, please kindly use contact means that are specified in the section “Contact” of this website.

The question of setting a contractual price for services provided within the framework of the fields of business mentioned above will always be a subject of a respectable agreement between a client and provider.

It is assumed that this website will be updated periodically, based on client interest in the above services, need to elaborate the offer of services, as well as need to apply suggestions and experience of clients.