OSVČ - introduction

First name, family name, degree: Bedřich Srnec, Magister of Arts.
OSVČ (business) name: Bedřich Srnec
Business Registration No.: 14940965
Registration Number issued by the Business Trade License Department of the Local Authority Office Prague 11: 310011–22415–01
Date of the Business Trade License registration: 29 February 1992 (issued for an unlimited time)

In 90s of the last century the business activity of the physical entity Bedřich Srnec was focused on making translations. It is a known fact that the general range of translations is almost unlimited however in this particular case translated texts in English and Czech have been of a technical nature predominantly. Since that time this field of activity has still remained one of most important orientations. Before all, they have included translations of patent specifications that have required a precision approach, terminology proficiency and overall thoroughness and conscientiousness, as well as a grammatical precision. More than 500 patent specifications related to a wide scope of fields of arts have been translated until now. At present the activity covers, in addition to translations of patent specifications, also translations of manuals for various devices, technological descriptions, technical reports, articles for websites etc.

However other activities have joined the business portfolio as they are specified in the next part of this website. Also these business activities are directly connected with the communication ability to use English and Czech languages, both spoken and written.